Just as Charlotte’s location offers residents the benefits of both the mountains and the ocean, it also offers the best of all worlds in weather. This makes the city’s weather one of its strongest assets, attracting visitors and new residents alike. The year is filled with days which invite you outside to enjoy the clear blue sky and bright sun; the perfect backdrop to Charlotte’s beautifully landscaped neighborhoods, commercial areas, parks and lakes.

The area’s climate can best be described as moderate, pleasant and sunny. Forget about the winter blues of our northern neighbors or the stifling summer heat of our southern friends. In Charlotte, the weather entices you outside all year round.

Average temperatures in Charlotte: January July

Max and Min 49-30 89-70

Relatively speaking, Charlotte is not the sultry South many think it to be. The city’s normal summer humidity is 74°, compared to 80° in the central interior of the United States, 77° in Jacksonville, Florida, and 76° in Houston, Texas.

Severe weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, is a rarity in Charlotte.

Feb 18, 2019 - Mon
Charlotte, US
heavy intensity rain
38°F heavy intensity rain
Wind 2 m/s, E
Humidity 86%
Pressure 760.56 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun feb 17
heavy intensity rain
38/41°F 1 m/s, ESE 100% 749.73 mmHg
mon feb 18
scattered clouds
59/43°F 4 m/s, NW 71% 753.63 mmHg
tue feb 19
heavy intensity rain
40/34°F 3 m/s, ENE 78% 763.33 mmHg
wed feb 20
moderate rain
37/39°F 4 m/s, NNE - 761.09 mmHg
thu feb 21
moderate rain
51/56°F 2 m/s, SSW - 754.56 mmHg